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Unfortunately, the average sales person or company invests very little, if any, time and money to developing their individual or team’sselling skills. They either don’t want to commit the resources, feel they have heard it all before, or mistake product training for sales training. Unfortunately, they are most likely in the same position they were in a year ago. DON’T BE AVERAGE!

The one factor you have control over is yourself. With our etraining program you’ll receive proven, practical tools and tactics to help you immediately sell more, in less time, and at higher margins. Best of all, it’s incredibly affordable for everyone.


  • Unlimited access to over 130 prerecorded sales training and sales management seminars in our audio library. All of our programs come complete with notes and are approximately 60 minutes in length.
  • NEW! Every month you will be emailed a recommended sales training program that you can download to your mp3 player or burn to a cd - $39 monthly value!
  • Sales managers you’ll have access to reports, so you can keep reps accountable. In addition, every month you will be emailed a recommended sales management program that you can download to your mp3 player or burn to a cd - $39 monthly value!


Why spend thousands of dollars and countless hours trying to come up with your own sales training material that is often significantly inferior? Our etraining program contains over 130 60 minute programs complete with notes on everything from cold calling to closing. Whether you sell strictly over the phone, sell large complex sales, or you are in charge of a sales force that has multiple teams with a variety of needs; we will work with you to customize a plan specific to your needs.

In addition, one of the most often overlooked aspects of the sales team is the sales manager. They are often thrown into their position because they could sell, but are given little or no training on how to manage a sales team. We will show you how to coach, train, keep accountable, and hire a top sales team.

It takes all of about 2 minutes to figure out our etraining program. You simply log in, choose the program you want to listen to, and click play.

You choose the time and place that works best for you to listen to them -  from the comfort of your home, while on a plane, at work, etc.

You’ll receive unlimited access to nationally recognized, expert trainers like: Jill Konrath, Tim Wackel, Jim Domanski, Mark Christie, Gil Cargill, Jim Meisenheimer, Bill Lee, Paul Cherry, Dan Adams, The Whetstone Group, Bill Brooks, Kevin Davis, Kelley Robertson, Michael Nick and more.

If you were to hire anyone of these experts for a one day training session, you would be looking at the very minimum $6,000 plus travel expenses. However, we give you access to all of them for an incredibly low price.


  • Sales Managers – Etraining makes it incredibly easy for you to do your job better. You can use our program to: conduct meaningful sales meetings, coach individual reps, construct on ongoing training program, train new hires, use as a sales resource, and more.
  • Small Business Owners – You wear many hats and don’t have time to train and develop a sales team. In addition, you probably don’t have the huge budgets to hire an outside expert. With etraining you still can provide your team all the training large companies do, but without the expense.
  • Individuals – Unfortunately, far too many companies don’t provide their salespeople sales training. They either don’t believe in training or mistake product knowledge for sales training. With our program, you’ll receive the tools and tactics to increase your sales immediately. Not only will you receive bigger commission checks, but you might also find you’re more marketable to companies that will compensate you for your expertise.
  • Business Development/Training  – Many larger companies now have their own Learning Management System. You can actually use our program to utilize in your own internal program.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied, we aren’t going to force you to use our program. Simply cancel with the first 20 days* to receive a full refund.

With our monthly payment option, there are no long term commitments. You can cancel at any time.


We have 2 affordable options.

1. Monthly (New Option!) You will receive unlimited access to our entire program, but you get the flexibility to pay as you go and to cancel at any time. You credit card is only charged $35 a month (per user).

 - $35/month
2. Yearly (Best Value) For unlimited ongoing access for an entire, your investment is only $249 (per user)! Almost always, our users more than make up for this on their first sale.

Add To Cart - $249/year
For teams of 5 or more - Call 509.665.6479 for quantity discounts.

Below are just some of the programs you'll receive:

Sales Training Programs
Sales Management Programs

Account Management

  • Strategic Account Management
  • Time & Territory Management
  • Developing Key Account Strategies


  • Asking for The Sale
  • Improving Your Closing Ratio
  • Strategies And Tactics To Advance The Sale
  • Return on Investment Selling

Selling Against The Competition

  • Overcoming Lower Priced Competition
  • Unseating Your Competition
  • Competitive Account Penetration

Complex Sale

  • The C-Suite Effect
  • Hope Is Not A Sales Strategy
  • Selling to Big Companies

General Sales

  • Return on Investment Selling
  • Taking Control Of The Sales Call
  • When Prospects Go Silent
  • The Perfect Follow-Up Call

Handling Objections

  • Handling Common Cold Call Objections
  • Handling The Dreaded Price Objection
  • Overcoming The Top 5 Objections
  • Recessionary Objection Handling


  • 12 Best Questions to Ask Your Customers
  • Master The Art of Asking Questions
  • Pin Point Questioning
  • Uncovering Your Prospect's Pain


  • 10 Ways to Get Around The Gatekeeper And/Or Get Your Calls Returned
  • Email Prospecting Blunders
  • How to Create The Ultimate Prospecting Opening Statement
  • Developing A Rock Solid Value Proposition Statement
  • Managing Your Sales Pipeline
  • Top 10 Voicemail Blunders
  • You Had Me at Hello


  • 5 Secrets to Winning Sales Proposals
  • Anatomy of A Lousy Sales Pitch

Assessments & Reviews

  • Inspect... Don't Expect
  • How to Benchmark & Assess Your Sales Team
  • Effective Performance Reviews
  • How to Guarantee The Accuracy of Your Salespeople's Forecasts & Pipelines


  • Move Them Up Or Move Them Out
  • Handling Experienced Sales Reps
  • Holding Sales Reps Accountable
  • How to Handle Performance Problems
  • Coaching to Improve Performance
  • The Pain & Pleasure of Making Joint Sales Calls


  • Incentive Plans That Motivate Salespeople
  • The Sales Compensation Conundrum


  • Retaining Top Employees
  • Forecasting for Sales Success
  • Building A Sales Plan
  • Sales Manager's Guide on Major Account Selling
  • Conducting Meaningful Sales Meetings


  • How to Hire & Launch Sales Performance Champions
  • How to Hire Top Sales Producers
  • Sales Interview Questions
  • How to Ramp A New Hire
  • Training New Sales Reps

Motivation & Goal Setting

  • Harnessing The Power of Goals
  • How to Motivate Your Salespeople During These Challenging Times
  • The Six Biggest Myths About Managing Performance in Tough Times

Sales Process

  • Implementing A Sales Process With Your Sales Team
  • Why Most Sales Training Programs Fail


We have 2 unbelievably affordable options.

1. Monthly (New Option!) You will receive unlimited access to our entire program, but you get the flexibility to pay as you go and to cancel at any time. You credit card is only charged $35 a month (per user).

 - $35/month
2. Yearly (Best Value) For unlimited ongoing access for an entire, your investment is only $249 (per user)! Almost always, our users more than make up for this on their first sale.

Add To Cart - $249/year
For teams of 5 or more - Call 509.665.6479 for quantity discounts.


If you still aren’t convinced this is the absolute best value for your training dollar, take a FREE 3 Day Trial to see for yourself what you will receive.

See what hundreds of sales professionals are using for their sales training.

*Required. Note: Other sales trainers will be excluded from trial.

Job Title*

The Sales Training Central programs are some of the best I have attended. The variety of topics and subject matter experts are right on target to help address the real time sales and management issues we deal with daily. The support is fantastic, with online access to the seminars and/or CDs after the fact. Thanks for such a quality program.

Ellen Greene - Call Center Learning Solutions

As a professional salesperson with twenty years in the business I have a read hundreds of books (I do about one a week) and I currently have over 2,200 titles in my audio program library (I do 5-6 a week). I feel this makes me uniquely qualified to judge the quality of your offering. Here's what I have found:

You have some very good talent on your website that I have been unable to find anywhere else. I scour Amazon regularly and have virtually everything on the subject, but you have content I have found nowhere else.

The content is very good. Over time, authors tend to get better and more concise as they deliver their message. These webinar presenters are cramming as much as they can into an hour and giving out a handout to boot. There is no fat at all and I really appreciate that. Plus, the authors are clearly current on all of the reading on their subjects so you are getting the most up-to-date thinking on each subject. Fantastic. I also like the narrow focus of each topic, I really appreciate getting in depth on a narrow subject rather generalities.

I wish more people understood the payoff of investing in learning and improving their professional skills. Everyone should invest 5% of their income on personal and professional improvement.

James Muir - NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, Inc.

Even other sales training companies love our team training program. Here is an email from a sales trainer recommending our eTraining Program to a prospect:

Bill, one of the things I mentioned was “continuous training.” Not only for your reps, but also for you as a manager. When we spoke last week, I mentioned SalesTrainingCentral's on-line continuous training program for both managers and reps.  It is probably THE best program I have seen relative to content, ease of use and above all, value.

Whether I provide you with additional training or not, continuous and affordable training is vital for your company to “get to the next step.”  If you were simply to invest an hour in your self and an hour in your reps per week, you would see results almost immediately. 

Here is my recommendation. Visit to get a feel for the articles, tele-seminars and other resources you can use. Then give Eric a call at 509 665 6479 and learn more. It's so easy, you can literally start the next day.

Jim Domanski - President, Teleconcepts Consulting

We love the eTraining Program because it has information available in short spurts, as in an hour or less. We can pick through the "cold call selling ideas" and get to the more focused new home sales style well as if we miss the live teleseminars, we can go to the library and get the information later.

The convenience of a training tool, informational source (great articles! as well) that is at your finger tips, at any time of day or night to utilize in the various blended learning methods we employee in our company is invaluable. We use them as teaching guides, an excerpt here and there mixed throughout the main message of that week's topics. We share that with the Sales Managers throughout the company, then they can pick and choose the information they want to give to their Sales Consultants in their Divisions. They use it in their sales meetings too well as educating our Project Managers. Yes it is the best, most related, concise, clear training tool we have found. Rave reviews from us, and being a smaller builder, albeit National and coast to coast, that affordability issue was huge and you solved that for us by having a more limited but cost effective program created for us to participate in a major way!

Lilli Barnett - Kimball Hill Homes

Each quarter, my CFO and I take each of our sales leaders out for a goals & growth session. These are private luncheons with just one sales leader and two C-level officers at Mohanna Sales Representatives. 

During lunch, we go through 12 questions that the Gallup organization has developed.  The answers to these 12 questions give us some indication as to the relative job satisfaction that the sales leader enjoys.  One of the questions is, "Is there someone at work who encourages your development?" On several occasions, our sales leaders have responded, "Yes. The Sales Training Central seminars have been an excellent way to help me develop, as a sales professional." 

I am grateful for the SalesTrainingCentral teleseminars for having helped me fulfill the professional development obligations that I owe our sales team.

Mitch Mohanna, Chief Operating Officer, Mohanna Sales Representatives

Thank you for bringing us quality programs like these. I really appreciate the fresh perspectives. I'm certainly glad to have found SalesTrainingCentral!

Pamela Johnson, Identiphoto Company Ltd

I’ve subscribed to’s newsletter for years, and frequently purchased their material. Consistently, they provide among the best trainers and training material both live and recorded. In addition, their service and professionalism is not only exceptional but outstanding. I’d recommend them highly to anyone in sales.

Ellis Saltzman, Atlas Van Lines

SalesTrainingCentral has been one of the useful, most instrumental training tools we have ever used! We have used the monthly training camps to increase our knowledge in all areas of our sales processes and activities. We look forward each month to the next course and recommend this program very highly for your business.

Brian Gabriel Chief Operations Officer Sound Telecom



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