Below we’ve listed, according to their category, what we feel are some of the best sales management programs that have already been recorded.


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Assessments & Reviews

How to Benchmark & Assess Your Sales Team by Bill Brooks

Learn to better develop your existing sales team and better qualify new candidates.

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Effective Performance Reviews by Bill Brooks

Reviewing your salespeople's performance can be tough. When they're having a successful year, it's a pleasure...but when they're not . . .

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How to Guarantee The Accuracy of Your Salespeople's Forecasts & Pipelines by Alan Rigg

What is the condition of your company’s sales opportunity pipeline? How many of the opportunities are stalled?

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Handling Experienced Sales Reps by Bill Brooks

Hot-shot salespeople with significant experience and successes under their belts can be tough to manage.

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Keeping Sales Reps Accountable by Bill Brooks

Do you have an experienced salesperson that is tough to manage, or maybe a complacent salesperson that is struggling to make quota?

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How to Handle Performance Problems by Bill Brooks

How do you identify and handle problematic factors? More importantly, how can you encourage positive factors . . .

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Coaching to Improve Performance by Mark Christie

One of the main functions of a Sales Manager’s job is to provide direction and to continually improve their sales team’s performance, and consequently the sales results.

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Compensation Plans That Motivate Salespeople by Bill Brooks

A high base with little attention to commission is just as potentially dangerous as a small base with near-total reliance on commissio . . ..

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The Five Deadly Sins Of Sales Managers presented by Mark Christie

Well, perhaps ‘sins’ is a little bit too strong of a word, but there are some real mistakes that many sales managers commit. Learn these five . . .

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Retaining Top Employees by Bill Brooks

Sales Managers are faced with losing their top performers. Their constantly being sought after by your competition. If they leave, you run the risk of . . .

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Sales Forecasting & Planning by Bill Brooks

Estimating what your salespeople are going to sell in any given time can be one of the most frustrating aspects of sales management . . .

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Building A Sales Plan by Gil Cargill

How do you know if you will achieve your sales goals? If you don’t know the actions you must do, you are planning to fail.

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Sales Manager's Guide on Major Account Selling by Mark Christie

To successfully close major sales, salespeople must develop their selling skills beyond the basics.  They can no longer rely on . . .

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Conducting Meaningful Sales Meetings by Gil Cargill

Most sales meetings are a waste of time! Most sales meetings are poorly planned, lack an agenda . . .

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Implementing A Sales Process With Your Sales Team by Bill Brooks

Research shows that when salespeople follow a sequential selling process their chances of closing the sale jump to over 93%. Wiithout one . . .

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Why Most Sales Training Programs Fail by Alan Rigg

Why do sales training programs fail? Learn four reasons why well-designed sales training programs fail and how to avoid these training failures.

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Hiring Sales Champions by Bill Brooks

Do you trust resume clichés like; "self-starter" and "highly-motivated?" In fact, do you trust resumes at all anymore?

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Training New Sales Reps by Gil Cargill

Research has shown that a sales representative who fails to transition, profitably, into a new sales position costs his/her employer $150,000 . . .

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