Our eTraining is one of the absolute best ways to get ongoing, expert advice from expert trainers like: Gil Cargill, Tim Wackel, Jim Domanski, Michael Nick, and many more.

Their proven tips and tactics are utilized by many of the largest companies, and now with eTraining they’re available so smaller sales teams and even individuals can take advantage of them.
eTraining is:

  • Easy To Implement – up and running in 10 minutes
  • Extremely affordable – only $35 per month
  • Comprehensive – over 130 programs from cold calling to closing
  • Flexible – unlimited, on demand training from anywhere at anytime
  • The Safe Choice – no obligation, satisfaction guaranteed

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$10/each downloads include:

  1. Add On Selling
  2. 10 Ways To Increase Sales Fast
  3. Developing Your Value Proposition
  4. Recessionary Objection Handling
  5. How To Create Telephone Call Openings That Stimulate Interest And Avoid Resistance


  • How up sell on quantity or quality
  • Use a 30 day branding strategy that will instantly attract more business to you
  • The 5 most common brush offs and the 3 Steps to managing them
  • How to deal with “call me in a month”
  • What to do before calls so you don't have to place generic "cold calls"
  • 13 actions and word-for-word mistakes sales reps make every day that guarantee failure and resistance, and what to say instead
  • A no-brainer, fill-in-the blanks opening statement template for prospecting calls that gets them interested
  • And much more!

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